Why do Products Pill and How to Prevent it

Why do Products Pill and How to Prevent it

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If you’ve ever applied skincare products or cosmetics and noticed they start to flake, form into little clumps or not be absorbed, it is likely you’ve experienced pilling.

When your skincare products start pilling on your skin, it can feel as though you are rubbing little balls of skin under your fingers, but it is likely to be little product particles that are not being absorbed by your skin. The more you rub, the worse it gets.

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Why Does Pilling Occur?

Why does skincare pill? Pilling occurs when products are not absorbed into your skin and instead collect on top and start to form balls.  

There are three main causes:

It can happen when too many products are used at the same time and they are incompatible

Think back to when you have tried to use certain primers, moisturizers, sunscreens and foundations. Used exclusively, they may effortlessly absorb into your skin, but when you try and combine them you end up with a mess of products that can’t be absorbed. The only way out, is to wash your face and restart the process.

Ingredients to watch out for are oil-based products mixing with water-based products.

Products are used in the wrong order

Those greasy little balls of product that pile up on your face can be caused by error in application. Some products can create a layer or film on the skin that prevents the subsequent products from being absorbed. It is best to apply these products last in your skincare routine.

Using too much product

Using too much product or very rich, thick moisturizers or foundations can also contribute to the issue of pilling.

 AMPERNA® Why do Product Pill

How to Help Prevent Pilling?

Don’t rush your routine

Your beauty routine is likely to consist of several steps and you may find yourself rushing to apply all of your products. This means you are not allowing them enough time to absorb into your skin between application. To help reduce the likelihood of pilling, give each layer time to absorb into the skin. This might mean slotting in a task such as preparing breakfast or make a coffee in between each step. Another tip is to exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, allowing products to be more easily absorbed.

Identify the culprit

If you are unsure which product is the cause of the pilling, you will need to use process of elimination to determine which one it is. If you discover it is a product that you can’t switch the application of, such as a primer or sunscreen, you may need to ditch it or find an alternative solution.

Use less product

You might be using too much product and your skin can no longer absorb it. When applying skincare, use the amount as directed on the bottle for the best results.

AMPERNA® Why do Product Pill 

Need Help With Your Skincare Routine?

Kiri Yanchenko, founder of AMPERNA® helps her clients to manage their skin health via her Holistic Skin Coaching Service. Her Telehealth service allows people to discuss their skin concerns, their diet and develop a tailored plan to work towards healthy glowing skin. Kiri can also help identify which products may be most suited for your skin condition. Her product range are simple to use and are packed full of active ingredients, including a unique probiotic complex. Kiri can offer ideas on what products are essential in your daily skincare routine and in what order to apply them for the best results.

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