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Welcome to the AMPERNA® VIP loyalty program

Join our loyalty program to earn great rewards and exclusive offers by shopping with us as a valued customer.

Earn 3 points for every $1AUD spent


You can earn points through either shopping on our site, or through the various activities listed above.

In order to be eligible to earn points you must have an account on our site. If you don't already have an account then you can create one here.

Points on purchases are calculated in AUD so if you checkout in a different currency the points you've earned may differ. Please don't worry as your points are also redeemed in AUD so you're not missing out on anything!

Also please note that points on purchases are calculated on the items only and shipping costs do no earn points.

As points are calculated in AUD, our vouchers are also calculated in AUD. When you redeem a voucher you will see the amount converted into your currency however don't worry as it's still just as valuable as the one you've redeemed.

Yes! Any purchase you made in the month prior to signing up to the Inner Circle will be eligible for points.

If your question hasn't been answered here, then please send us an email at and we'll be glad to help out!