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Are AMPERNA® products made in Australia?

All AMPERNA® products are made in Australia in a certified manufacturing facility. They are tested regularly throughout the manufacturing process and meet Australia’s strict quality control standards. We have conducted PET testing and all AMPERNA® products meet the Australian requirements of the Preservative Efficacy Test for Topical Products so you can be assured that our products are safe for you to use. We have a strict quality control policy; every order is checked before it gets shipped to you. Business and supply chain transparency aligns with AMPERNA® values – if you have any questions about our production process, material/ingredient sourcing to production and distribution please email us.

Is AMPERNA® going to be releasing new products?
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Are AMPERNA® products vegan?
Does AMPERNA® test its products on animals?
Does AMPERNA® have free product samples to offer before I purchase?
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What is the difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin?
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Do AMPERNA® products need to be refrigerated since they contain probiotics?
Is AMPERNA® packaging recyclable?
Why aren’t AMPERNA® products packaged in glass?
Why are AMPERNA® products packaged in black bottles?



How do I shop online?
How do I locate products on the AMPERNA® website?
How do I use the Shopping Cart?
How quickly can I expect my order to be processed and dispatched?
Which forms of payment are accepted?
What currency are the prices on your website listed as?
Do I have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on my online purchase?
How much will shipping be for my AMPERNA® order?
Is international shipping available?
What shipping methods are available and how long will it take for my order to arrive?
Can I ship to an address different from my billing address?
What is AMPERNA®’s returns policy?


Other Queries/FAQ

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Is AMPERNA® Australian owned and operated?
What environmental sustainability plans has AMPERNA® got in place?
Where are AMPERNA® Stockists Located?


How do I contact AMPERNA® about partnerships and collaborations?
I am interesting in stocking AMPERNA®. How do I contact you about wholesale enquiries?
Where can I download AMPERNA® media kit elements?


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