Kiri's Story

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Kiri started her career in the FMCG Design & Brand Activations industry in Sydney. She had to take a career break after falling ill whilst looking after her father, who passed away before he was 62.

During this period of intense pressure Kiri was prescribed medication to help her skin and stress levels that she wouldn’t normally have accepted if she wasn’t looking after her father. Kiri reacted to this medication; three of the side effects were severe pustular acne, skin hives and weight loss. She was admitted to hospital and her skin went from normal to unbearable almost overnight.

AMPERNA Kiri Yanchenko

After leaving hospital; when Kiri was offered more medication from professionals to fix her new problems, however as medication caused these in the first place she wanted an alternative. She decided to review her whole lifestyle, taking a holistic approach to her health. Kiri started researching diets and a healthy lifestyle. She went through the process of cutting out everything she shouldn’t be eating and reassessing everything that she was using on her skin. Going through the process of identifying certain triggers to her skin problems and helping herself took two years.

When she recovered she knew she didn’t want to go back to the FMCG Design & Brand Activations Industry. She wasn’t enjoying herself & she had often worked long nights. Kiri really learnt the importance of mental health and how good mental health is tied to good skin health.

So began her search for a solution. Kiri’s skin reacted to many common irritants in skincare. She knew her skin needed help to return to its healthy balance. She was looking for an ultra gentle skincare range that contained key active ingredients, but Kiri couldn’t find one. Thus, AMPERNA® was born. With the help of a like-minded chemist, Kiri spent the next few years researching, testing and developing the optimal skincare solution. After much back and forth, the pair finally uncovered the perfect set of formulas to launch with.

Kiri has suffered Perioral Dermatitis and now that she has passed her 40th birthday, Kiri suffers from Subtype 1 Rosacea as well. AMPERNA® are Topical Steroid Withdrawals advocates as one of the medications Kiri was given when she was ill included an oral steroid and she wasn’t weaned from this correctly. 

AMPERNA® skincare is holistic and effective, driven by Kiri’s deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. Our products contain only the necessary base ingredients plus skin-changing actives, such as our pre, pro and postbiotic complex and our bio fermented oligopeptide, glycolic acid and vitamins B and C. 

All formulations are free from nasties, including sulfates, parabens, aluminium, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours and bleaches. AMPERNA® products are made in Australia and tested by real people in the real world. AMPERNA® is results driven and always looking for new ways to innovate. 

"People are affected both physically and emotionally by the appearance of their skin. They’re looking for an effective, affordable solution they can trust. I want to help people avoid the complications and near death experience I had. Our website and social media is dedicated to helping people holistically & our blog is a great educative platform."

"Since we launched in 2018, we have now helped tens of thousands of people feel more comfortable in their skin - we help people with their skin health in a holistic way using our Topical Probiotic products and via our Holistic Skin Coaching Service." – Kiri Yanchenko, AMPERNA® founder.

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