What is Back Acne and How Can You Treat it Holistically?

What is Back Acne and How Can You Treat it Holistically?

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Back acne is a common struggle amongst teens and adults that can severely affect ones self-confidence. Luckily, back acne can be treated and/or prevented. We spoke to two professionals for their advice on what the most common causes of back acne are and how you can treat it holistically.

 AMPERNA® Back Acne

We reached out to Dr Annika Smith, Consultant Dermatologist, and we asked her what the common causes of back acne are and how it presents.

Back Acne

Acne is commonly encountered in the teenage years

Acne is commonly encountered in the teenage years and it can persist or occur for the first time in adult life. Back acne can occur on its own or with facial acne and has the same characteristics as facial acne: papulopustules (red and pus filled spots) comedones (black heads white heads) and sometimes cysts (tender swellings in the skin) and can involve the upper and lower back and shoulders.

Acne Causes

Acne, including back acne typically occurs when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil and accumulation of dead skin cells block pores, coupled with certain bacteria, which promote an inflammatory response in the skin. Hormonal influences affect acne as well as individual lifestyle factors.


Sometimes folliculitis is mistaken for back acne, this is a different condition when microorganisms (for example bacteria or fungi), along with other factors, trigger an inflammatory reaction around a hair follicle, creating a red or pus filled bump centred on a hair follicle. It can be triggered by trauma to the hair follicles (for eg. waxing or shaving etc).


“Acne, particularly acne not adequately treated, can lead to permanent scarring and pigmentation and further can have a significant impact on self-esteem and mood. Some types of acne require medical treatment; topical or systemic (tablet) therapy.” Explains Dr Annika.


For less severe cases of back acne, we spoke to Leelah Linke, co-founder and director of St. Skin who is a qualified Dermal Clinician and lecturer on skin treatment at Victoria University. She shared 5 ways you can help your back acne in a holistic way.

AMPERNA® Back Acne

6 Ways You can Help Your Back Acne in a Holistic Way


Shower soon after working out in warm temperature showers.


Exfoliate gently, regularly and follow up with light replenishing moisturisers. Try light exfoliating washes that include active ingredients like Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid and Tea Tree. You can use aftercare lotions to help stabilise and heal like Aloe Vera and Allatoin.

Product Selection

Select body products carefully. Choose SPF sun protection products that have mineral bases and utilise physical blockers such as zinc. Look for lightweight formulations. Reduce use of fake or spray tans and fragranced body products.

Fabric Choice

Have the fabrics that encounter your skin loose, clean and natural. Like our bedding, work out gear, towels and clothing. Try washing items in naturally fragrance free washes like eucalyptus, in hot wash cycle temperatures and letting them air-dry completely. Look for fabrics including cotton, bamboo and linen.


Think about what goes in your body. Keep hydrated drinking 2 litres of water daily, Reduce sugary, processed foods, and dairy. Remove sugary drinks and alcohol. Focusing on healthy eating and drinking. Try incorporating fresh organic fruits, veggies, free range and organic protein sources.

Reduce Stress

Create some wellness and mindful techniques that help to manage stresses. Try reducing screen time, sleeping earlier, meditation or journaling. Some well-known useful apps to help with mindfulness are Calm or Headspace. When stress is reduced, we positively influence all of our hormonal messages around our body. Improving the health and functions of all of our bodies systems.

Addressing these factors can make a huge difference to your skin. In order to help back acne, it is also important to stick to these measures for at least 6-8 weeks due to the cycle of skin cell turnover. Helping skin takes time.

How AMPERNA® can Help

Kiri the founder of AMPERNA® can guide you in a holistic approach therefore helping your back acne. She has helped many people around the world through their skin care journeys. Her Holistic Skin Coaching Service means you can discuss your concerns and develop a plan that sets you on the right path. You can get in touch here.



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