Do You Need an Eye Cream?

Do You Need an Eye Cream?

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The skin around your delicate eye area can be prone to premature ageing, so it’s important to know how to look after it. If you’ve noticed the skin starting to wrinkle and crease, it may be a good time to reassess your skin care routine and the products you are using around your eyes. It’s never too late to start giving your skin the hydration and care it deserves.

The skin around your eyes can be the biggest giveaway to your overall health and well-being. When it is impacted by factors such as lack of sleep or too much sun, it can quickly show signs of poor health. Conversely, when you are well rested and hydrated, your eye area tends to look bright and youthful.

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Common Issues Around the Eyes

  • Fine lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Crinkling
  • Dehydration
  • Dark circles
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Puffiness

These issues can appear in men and women at varying life stages outside of natural ageing. They tend to be exacerbated by particular environmental and lifestyle factors.

Why is the Skin Around Your Eyes Susceptible to These Issues?

There are several factors that can impact this area:

  • The skin around your eyes is more delicate and significantly thinner than other parts of your face and body. The tissue below the eyes is missing a lot of supporting elements such as fat and muscle. This means there are greater chances of the skin caving in.
  • Constant movement and strain. Your eyes work hard all day long. Just think about how often you blink, squint and express a range of emotions through your eyes.
  • Lack of sleep. When we suffer ongoing sleep deprivation, our eyes can be prone to dark circles and bags
  • Over exposure to the sun’s UV ray
  • Lifestyle choices such as a poor diet or being a regular smoker
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors such as pollution

How to Look After Your Delicate Eye Area

Whilst many brands will tell you that their eye cream or serum is the answer to fixing your wrinkles or dark circles, it is not that simple. You might need to adjust your lifestyle and skincare routine to really see the benefits.

A good place to start is with your overall skincare routine. Finding the right skin care routine to nourish your eye area as well as other areas of your face doesn’t have to be challenging.  Good skin care starts with:

  • Thoroughly washing your hands first
  • Having a good cleansing & moisturizing routine
  • Treating the skin, including your eye area with suitable “active” products as required
  • Protecting your skin from the sun

Protecting yourself when you are outside, goes beyond just using an SPF. Protective clothing is also a must too.

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Finding the Right Products

Many people choose to spend hundreds of dollars on creams claiming to target the eye area. These eye creams often claim to reduce puffiness, minimise wrinkles or hide dark circles. The truth is many eye creams and serums on the market are formulated with the same ingredients as most facial moisturisers and serums. If you want to spend big money on an eye cream, do your research and make sure it is packed full of active ingredients aimed at the problems common around the eyes.

Another approach which can be just as effective, is to purchase serums and moisturisers that work all over your face. This approach can work just as well and be much more cost-effective.

When selecting products, it is important to look for ingredients that are gentle on the skin and won’t be too harsh for use around your eyes.


AMPERNA® products can be used all over your face including the delicate eye area.

A suggested approach is to gently cleanse and then pat on a nourishing serum:

AMPERNA® Pro+ Vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum contains high levels of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to help restore smoothness & suppleness to your skin.

After applying the serum, smooth a layer or two of moisturizer over your skin:

AMPERNA® Lightweight Soothing+ Emulsion is cationic so it will absorb deeply into your skin rather than leaving an oily or shiny film.


Understanding how Your Lifestyle Plays a Role

In addition to your skincare routine, it will be important to reflect on your lifestyle to understand if there are any changes you can make to help support optimal skin health. This might be changing your diet, cutting back on late nights or better protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays.

If you want guidance on how to look after your delicate eye area, Kiri, founder of AMPERNA® is here to help.  Her Holistic Skin Coaching Service, launched in 2019, allows you to discuss your skin concerns and develop a tailored plan to work towards healthy glowing skin. Go to for more information.





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