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Australians spend approximately $1billion a year on cosmetic treatments which per capita is +40% higher than Americans, and the demand is growing.

The rapid growth stems for consumer demand for both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments. To service these consumers there are a vast number of cosmetic clinics opening their doors with a multitude of offers.

From “lunch time facelifts”, “non-surgical beauty treatments” and “liquid nose jobs”, we explore some of the most popular treatments and the all-important topic of after-care.

Popular non-invasive treatments

Fractional Radio Frequency

This treatment works to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and to even out skin tone. It does this by using low level radio waves to cause a thermal reaction within the dermis. The heat metabolises unhealthy cells and stimulates collagen and elastin renewal.

Skin Needling

Works to create smoother skin and reduce acne scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation.

It is performed using a DNC derma roller or micro needling using a wireless Tri-M pen. The tiny needles are rolled over the skin and encourage cell regeneration.

Cosmetic Grade Peels

Peels can help reduce acne scars, age spots or discoloration.  The type of peel will depend on your skin concern and will likely contain active ingredients such as AHAs.

AMPERNA Beauty Treatment Aftercare

Wrinkle Reduction (often referred to as Botox injections)

These injections are commonly used by people wanting to temporarily stop wrinkles from forming on their forehead and around their eyes.

It works by blocking chemical signals from nerves that cause the muscle to contract. Popular toxins are Botox, Dysport, Myobloc and Xeomin.

Dermal Filling

For people wanting to smooth areas of their skin or reduce the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles, this treatment is growing in popularity.  It is often used on lips, cheeks, jaw, eyebrows and nose.

The procedure involves injecting the filler into the area of concern. This is either a synthetic filler made from hyaluronic acid or collagen or a fat-filler (using body fat). The most common method uses synthetic fillers and is popular due to the quick and easy nature of the treatment. 

Popular Invasive Treatments in Australia are

Breast Augmentation

Saline or silicone breast implants are inserted in front or behind the chest muscle to change the shape or increase the size of the breasts.


Surgery is undertaken to improve the shape of the nose, change the size of it and sometimes improve its function. The procedure is done by either the surgeon making an incision into the nostrils or by leaving the nostrils intact.

After-care For Non-invasive Treatments

Fractional Radio Frequency

Whilst no pre-preparation is needed, after care involves:

  • Avoiding sun exposure for one week
  • Avoiding products with strong active ingredients

Skin needling

The beautician will work with you to develop a tailored plan. After care will demand avoiding direct sunlight for 48 hours, avoiding excessive exercise and the use of saunas. Generally, the use of gentle cleansing and moisturising products are recommended. AMPERNA® 002 Lightweight Soothing + Emulsion Moisturiser and 005 Probiotic + DS Soothing Serum are suitable as they are designed to care for the most sensitive skin.

AMPERNA Beauty Treatment Aftercare

Cosmetic grade peels

Most peels require before and after care. Common pre-peel care calls for glycolic cleansers and scrubs and SPF 50+.

If you are considering such treatments it is critical to consider your approach to preparation and aftercare. Adequate hydration, nourishment and protection will be key. Once again, the AMPERNA® Soothing Duo are ideal for aftercare. The 002 Lightweight Soothing + Emulsion Moisturiser and 005 Probiotic + DS Soothing Serum are designed to care for the most sensitive skin.


Wrinkle Reduction Injections and Dermal Filling

Most clinics recommend a standard after-care routine. One of the key reasons for the aftercare advice is that depending on the area being treated, the toxin can spread to a different area if you massage, rub or do rigorous exercise and sweat within the first 24 hours.

Standard aftercare:

  • Apply a cool compress to the area if relief is needed
  • Resist applying makeup to the treated area
  • Avoid rubbing or continuously touching
  • Stay away from extreme heat/cold for a few days post procedure
  • Abstain from alcohol and heavy exercise for at least 24 hours
  • Stay out of direct sunlight/UV until any redness has gone

AMPERNA Beauty Treatment Aftercare

After-care for invasive treatments:

Recovery from invasive treatments can take a varying amount of time depending on a number of factors such a health, age and type of procedure. It will certainly involve a series of follow up appointments with the surgeon to assess progress.

Considering treatment for scarring? The first step is to seek advice from your health care professional. Furthermore, do your research when choosing a skincare clinic and be sure to read reviews before jumping in to a procedure.

If you have questions on aftercare and how AMPERNA® can help, get in touch with Kiri here.

AMPERNA® is dedicated to creating revolutionary and unique formulas to rebalance and transform the appearance of even the most sensitive skin. The skin-changing active ingredients in AMPERNA® such as a probiotic complex, glycolic acid and vitamins B help create the perfect conditions for your skin to shine.




Written By Kiri Yanchenko

Kiri Yanchenko is the founder and CEO of AMPERNA®. Having had severe pustular acne and perioral dermatitis herself, she has a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. She has over 10 years of experience in skincare and holistic skin coaching and is passionate about helping everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

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