Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum

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Size: 50mL

Diese tief regenerierende Formel kühlt und hilft, gereizte Haut zu beruhigen und Rötungen zu lindern. Die Kupfer und Zinkgluconate tragen dazu bei, die Ausbreitung schädlicher Bakterien zu begrenzen und die Hautbarriere wieder aufzufüllen.

Unser Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum wurde mit positiven Ergebnissen auf Rosacea-Rötungen getestet.

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AMPERNA ® Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum [RESCUE] ist eine tief regenerierende Formel, die hilft, gereizte Haut zu kühlen und zu beruhigen und Rötungen zu lindern. Die Kupfer und Zinkgluconate tragen dazu bei, die Vermehrung schädlicher Bakterien zu begrenzen und die Hautbarriere wieder aufzufüllen. Der einzigartige probiotische Komplex von AMPERNA® versorgt Ihre Haut sanft und effektiv mit guten Bakterien. Die AMPERNA® Reihe ist für alle Hauttypen geeignet und wurde bei Ekzemen, Dermatitis, perioraler Dermatitis, Rosacea und zu Akne neigender Haut getestet.

Nicht komedogen. Keine Gemeinheiten, an echten Menschen getestet, in Australien hergestellt und im Besitz.

Benötigen Sie weitere Hilfe bei der Verwendung von AMPERNA® Produkten? Besuchen Sie unsere detaillierte Seite zur Pflege, um Anweisungen für Ihr Badezimmer herunterzuladen.

Nehmen Sie 1–2 Pumpstöße des Serums und tupfen Sie es sanft auf Gesicht und/oder Körper. Morgens und abends oder nach Bedarf auftragen. Zur gezielten Behandlung dreimal täglich auf die Problemzonen auftragen.

Vorsicht - Nur zur topischen äußerlichen Anwendung. Vermeiden Sie direkten Kontakt mit Augen und verletzter Haut. Da jede Haut anders ist, empfehlen wir Ihnen, einen Stichprobentest an einer kleinen, diskreten Stelle durchzuführen, um auf Nebenwirkungen zu testen. Im seltenen Fall einer Nebenwirkung ist die Anwendung abzubrechen.

Unter 30 °C lagern, vor direkter Sonneneinstrahlung schützen.

Benötigen Sie weitere Hilfe bei der Verwendung von AMPERNA®-Produkten? Besuchen Sie unsere detaillierte Regimeseite.

Aqua, Cyclopentasiloxan, Lactococcus-Fermentlysat, Sorbitanstearat, Glycerylstearat, PEG-100-Stearat, Harnstoff, Magnesiumaspartat, Natriumpolyacrylat, Dimethicon-Crosspolymer, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Titandioxid, Natriumlauroyllactylat, DMDM-Hydantoin, Allantoin, Caprylsäure/ Capric-Triglycerid, Natriumhyaluronat (HMW), Menthyllactat, Polysorbat 20, Salvia Officinalis (Salbei)-Öl, Natriumlactat, Zinkgluconat, Ceramid 3, Ceramid 6 II, Phytosphingosin, Cholesterin, Xanthangummi, Kupfergluconat, Carbomer, Iodpropinylbutylcarbamat, Ceramid 1, Kaliumhydroxid.

Enthält keine lebenden Kulturen.

Beinhaltet nicht Sulfate, Parabene, Petrochemikalien und Mineralöle, Vinyle, Phthalate, Phenoxyethanol, synthetische Duftstoffe, synthetische Farben oder Bleichmittel, PPG, DEAS, TEA, Aluminium oder Aluminiumoxid.

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Lightweight Soothing+ Emulsion



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Ceramid 3, Ceramid 6 II, Ceramid 1, Phytosphingosin, Cholesterin, Natriumlauroyllactylat, Carbomer und Xanthangummi

alle tragen dazu bei, die Schutzbarrierefunktion der Haut wiederherzustellen; Sie sind ideal für alternde, trockene und empfindliche Haut.

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ist ein nicht lebendes Probiotikum, das dabei hilft, die Erneuerungsprozesse der Haut anzuregen.

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Vitamin B5

ist ein entscheidendes Vitamin für die Haut, das hautpflegende Eigenschaften bietet. Es erhöht und verbessert die Feuchtigkeitseigenschaften der Haut und macht trockene Haut weicher und elastischer. Es wirkt entzündungshemmend und hilft, gereizte Haut zu beruhigen und hilft bei der Heilung der Haut, indem es das Wachstum neuer Epithelzellen fördert.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashton Rety
Miracle Product

I have been struggling with acne, rosacea and periodical dermatitis over the past few years. I have found nothing that addresses all 3 skin concerns without flaring another issue. This product is so gentle and soothing. Have been using it with the Hydrate for the past month or so and my skin has never looked or felt better. Almost completely gone! So thankful to have found this line.

Worsened my perioral dermatitis

I ordered this after viewing an advertisement that stated it would help with perioral dermatitis. Shipping took a very long time and by the time I received this product my POD had resolved. Once I began using this product my POD flared. I wrote the company to ask about return policies and instead of working with me they informed me that I was stuck with the product and should have done patch testing. I thought they could have tried to be more helpful in their response. This product did not work for me and I will not be recommending it to my patients (I’m a dermatology PA).

Hi Erin,
I am sorry you haven’t enjoyed the Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum.

I note that your order was delivered on the 6th April, 2024.
In regards to postage speed – you picked our standard international postage option rather that selecting our discounted door to door express courier option to the US. We pay for half of this for you and it is with DHL – this gets to the US in approx. two business days.

Because of your role as a dermatologists PA – I am sure that you are aware that helping skin takes time. You have had the product for less than a week.

I am sure you also must be aware that you should patch test any new products you try before progressing to full usage. We sent a postcard in your order with a QR code that directed you to our patch test guide.

For flared PD we actually suggest washing with cool water only and ordering our Soothing Duo & flare safe SPF. These products are here:
Therefore you only have one of the AMPERNA products you need, not all three.

I am sorry that you feel that we haven’t been helpful when replying to your email.

We are unable to take the product back from you as per our returns policy because you have used the product I am sorry:
Our terms and conditions are here:

Both these policies were available to you before you ordered.

We have our terms & conditions policy in place and patch testing guides to help you, because although we help people with different skin concerns, every skin is different and anyone can be allergic to anything.

We provide as much information as possible on our website, we provide our full ingredients lists, we provide a patch test guide and we are also here to email or DM with any questions you have before you order.

Please let us know if you have been using any oral or topical medications – you may be aware that all forms of steroids cause perioral dermatitis and steroid dependency. And things like Elidel or Protopic are immunosuppressants with FDA black box warnings that you can rebound from.

You will also need to find and eliminate your trigger or root cause of your issues in order to help your skin. https://amperna.com/blogs/news/finding-skin-issue-triggers

We help people with various skin concerns using the right AMPERNA® products and also via coaching:

As there are so many factors involved. And many triggers and reasons why people have skin issues. These things are not often discussed by professionals. Therefore, we also have a skin coaching service on the website, I help ongoing using holistic principles like diet, supplements, allergy tests, stress relief, looking at personal care items & order and things you use in the home to try to identify triggers. So we can work together to help your skin from here on in. I have helped a lot of people this way.

We have PD tips here;

We are in business to help you so you can also email us on info@amperna.com for more help.

I look forward to helping you,
AMPERNA® Founder & Holistic Skin Health Advocate


Amazing product, the only cream I have ever used that doesn’t flare my skin and controls my redness.

does what it says!

this felt so nice on my inflamed skin, really settled the redness and irritation quickly


Fantastic product for treatment of Perioral Dermatitis.