Last Drop Spatel

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Benötigen Sie Hilfe, um den letzten Rest Ihres Lieblings-AMPERNA® Produkts aus der Flasche zu holen? Unser Last Drop Spatel ist die perfekte Lösung!

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Dieser Silikonspatel ist vollständig wiederverwendbar (einfach nach jedem Gebrauch waschen und trocknen) – also auch umweltfreundlich.

Mit einer Länge von 23 cm (9") passt es perfekt für alle AMPERNA®-Flaschen. Am anderen Ende befindet sich außerdem ein kleiner Löffel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very effective!

I was actually shocked how much was left in the pump bottle... I used my friend's spatula so I scooped it all into a little jar and the leftover product has lasted me over a month so far! Definitely worth it in how much product you save from chucking in the bin. It's a bit expensive for a bit of plastic though, it would be nice to have this thrown into all the bundles as a freebie.

A must have!

This tool will ensure you get every last drop out of the bottle. It is a game changer!

Kimberley S
Super handy!

Love this spatula! Gets every last drop. A must have for sure!

Cori Brown
Amazing little tool

Wish I had one of these little beauties so much sooner, I couldn't believe the amount of product you can get out of an empty bottle. Wouldn't be without one now.

Pays for itself!

Love this tool, I usually get another 1-2 weeks use out of each bottle with it, it definitely helps use up every bit of product so there is no waste.