Simple and Sustainable Skincare

Simple and Sustainable Skincare

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Have you ever set the intention to commit to new skincare habits that also includes being conscious about using planet-friendly products?
Have you wanted to streamline your skincare regime but feel like you will have FOMO if you are not using the latest hyped-up social media products?

I see so many Instagram posts with vanity shelves overflowing with different brands, eye-catching labels and cute bottles and jars.
Incase you did not know already but this visually appeasing concept should NOT be your skincare goals everyone!
Just because the packaging looks pretty sitting in your vanity does not mean what is inside the bottle is suitable for you.
Trying too many products is not the best choice from a sustainability point of view either, but moreso for the health of your skin.

Navigating through the over-saturated skincare market is overwhelming, so where should you start?


    AMPERNA® Simple Sustainable Regime

    Out With the Old

    Firstly, you should audit your bathroom vanity – when was the last time you pulled everything out and checked the used-by-dates? Skincare and personal care products can only last on your shelf for a certain amount of time.

    If you have not used a product, it has changed colour, texture or smell or the actual use-by-date has rubbed off the packaging, your best bet is to discard the product.
    If you have products in your vanity that are still in date, but you no longer like or no longer use them perhaps someone you know might like them instead – there is no point creating unnecessary waste to minimise waste, right? Where possible re-gift first, discard and recycle second. 

    Once you have gone through your bathroom vanity and audited your products then you can truly see what it is you need in your regime. What is missing? What can you edit out? 

    If your skincare focus is to use simple yet effective products with a sustainability commitment, then AMPERNA® Skincare is your solution.
    The entire AMPERNA® Skincare range has been specifically formulated for the most sensitive skin concerns and therefore can be used by everyone.
    We have a narrowed down curated line of 8 products that tick the essential needs for healthy skin.

    Simplified Skin Care Routine

    If you are after a simplified Step by Step skincare routine, here is all you need:

    Step 1 - Cleanse

    Our [BALANCE] Ultra Gentle Soothing Cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without it feeling stripped or tight.

    Step 2 - Boost skin with antioxidants

    Vitamin C restores smoothness and suppleness to your skin, helping with dullness, skin tone and fine lines. Our [REPAIR] Pro+ Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid absorbs beautifully into the skin.

    Step 3 - Moisturise

    Using a lightweight non-greasy moisturiser that locks in moisture and does not clog your pores is essential.

    Our [HYDRATE] Lightweight Soothing Emulsion helps nourish your skin.

    AMPERNA® Simple Sustainable Regime

    Step 4 - Be sun smart

    Sun damage accelerates visible signs of ageing on our skin, so rain, hail or shine make sure you are SPF’ing every day!

    Make our [HYDRAPROTECT] Pro+ Bio Soothing Day Mineral SPF 15 your new best friend.

    AMPERNA® Simple Sustainable Regime

    Step 5 - Exfoliate

    We always advise starting off slow when using active ingredients until your skin has gotten used to these types of products.

    Go here to read up on previous blog posts on skin pH, skin barrier and over exfoliating.

    Exfoliating is essential at removing dead skin cells. Our [EXFOLIATE] 10% Pro+ Resurfacing Lotion is a unique ‘leave on’ exfoliant with Glycolic (AHA). The lotion formulation leaves your skin feeling hydrated overnight while it is hard at work removing dead skin cells. When you rinse it off in the morning, you are left with silky smooth feeling skin.

    AMPERNA® Simple Sustainable Regime

    Step 6: Are you after a pro-ageing solution?

    You need to include a retinol into your routine

    As mentioned above it is important to be aware of your own skin and start off using small amounts.

    We have two retinol options in our range: [SUPERFOLIATE] and [SUPERADIANCE]

    Superfoliate is a gentle leave on granactive retinoid serum which contains AZA, niacinamide, liquorice root extract and zinc and copper gluconates to help calm redness and improve the skin’s appearance.
    Superadiance is our pregnancy safe retinol, the hero ingredient bakuchiol is a great plant-based retinol alternative for sensitive skin

    Retinols can be used once to twice a week in the pm, again depending on your skin type.

    NOTE: Retinols can make your skin more susceptible to the suns UV rays so it is imperative to be even more liberal using an SPF especially on the day after using a retinol treatment overnight.


    A healthy skincare routine is about being consistent and creating an easy process you can commit to.
    Skincare does not need to be complicated.
    Our skin loves consistency. Your skin will love the AMPERNA® range.

    How AMPERNA is Committed to Sustainability

    AMPERNA® is proudly certified plastic negative. This means that for every kilogram of plastic we use, we remove two kilograms of plastic from the environment. 

    “Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our minds. By partnering with rePurpose Global, we can take our 100% recycled PET bottles a step further and remove more plastic from the environment.” (Kiri; AMPERNA Founder and Director)

    You can read more about AMPERNAS sustainability commitment on the website.
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    Written By Alison Butijer

    Alison Butijer has a background in Visual Merchandising but in 2020 started on her own health & wellness journey, helping other people on theirs too. Alison is passionate about holistic living, encouraging others to create healthy lifestyle habits & feeling confident in their own skin. Everything that AMPERNA® embodies.

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