Mask Wearing Skin Conditions & Treatment

Mask Wearing Skin Conditions & Treatment

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Mask wearing is now becoming the new norm & apart of our everyday lives. And with that we are seeing a huge spike in the number of people presenting with mask-related skin conditions. These are ranging from mild irritation, Perioral Dermatitis flare ups through to Maskne.

AMPERNA® Mask Wearing Skin Conditions & Treatment

What is Maskne?

This non-medical term is given to acne that is triggered by mask-related factors: heat, friction & obstruction.

For people that are acne prone or have sensitive skin, wearing a mask can lead to an overgrowth of yeast, bacteria & other flora. The continuous rubbing of the mask against our face can result in micro-tears that allow bacteria & dirt to clog up pores.

Perioral Dermatitis (PD)

This condition is a skin rash that appears around the mouth &/ nose sometimes spreading to the eyes. Irritation can be caused by wearing a mask that rubs on your skin & traps in moisture. These conditions can trigger PD flare ups. If the mask is the culprit, the rash generally appears in the shape of the face mask.

Skin Irritation

The friction from wearing a mask combined with sweat, humidity & our natural oils can cause irritation in the area underneath the mask. This can result in dry, itchy skin sometimes worsening to rashes, dermatitis or raw skin.

Fabric or Surgical Face Masks? Which One Should You Wear?

Both styles of masks trap the carbon dioxide we breathe in & out in a small, confined space near the skin.

AMPERNA® Mask Wearing Skin Conditions & Treatment


Fabric masks may be gentler on the skin but are often more difficult to breathe through.

If you do prefer to wear a fabric mask the most important thing to do is to change over your mask every couple of hours & ensure you are washing your masks every day.

Be wary of what you are washing your masks with though as harsh chemicals in laundry powder & fabric softener can cause irritation to sensitive skin types.


Surgical masks are handy however they come straight from the manufacturer & the germ-busting chemicals are still present on the mask which can have an impact for people with problem or acne prone skin.

The best mask-hygiene advice is to have multiple clean fabric masks & a few surgical masks as back ups throughout the day. Additionally, a no-nasty skin safe anti-bacterial spray that’s suitable for your skin would also be ideal.

What AMPERNA® Products Help Clear Maskne

Acne Plus Bundle

Acne Plus Results
Acne Plus Results

The whole AMPERNA® range is suitable for use by people suffering from acne prone skin. Our products were formulated because AMPERNA® founder Kiri struggled with pustular acne herself.

AMPERNA® products contain a unique probiotic complex that delivers good bacteria to your skin gently and effectively. Recent studies have found that probiotic supplements and probiotic skin care can help to effectively reduce total acne lesion counts and help decrease oil production over a 12-week period.

Probiotics applied directly to the skin sit on the skin’s surface and create a “bacterial interference". They work in a similar way to antibiotics in the treatment of acne and rosacea. Probiotics have antimicrobial properties as they can create holes in bad bacteria and kill them which stops the bacteria from triggering inflammation.

AMPERNA® Ultra Gentle Soothing Cleanser is a light gel cleanser specifically formulated with acne prone skin, eczema, dermatitis, perioral dermatitis and rosacea in mind. This ultra-gentle formulation rinses clean without leaving an irritating residue or upsetting pH levels. It contains an infusion of sage and cucumber extracts to help cool, soothe and nourish skin

AMPERNA® Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum is a deeply restorative formula that helps cool and soothe irritated skin and calm redness. 

AMPERNA® Lightweight Soothing+ Emulsion contains a ground-breaking probiotic formula, along with ceramides, hyaluronic acid and emollients to help nourish the skin and protect it from free radical damage.

AMPERNA® 10% Pro+ Resurfacing Lotion contains 10% glycolic acid (AHA) and antioxidants to help calm redness and improve the skin’s texture.

This retinol will be the next step to help your acne prone skin. It contains niacinamide, liquorice root extract and zinc & copper gluconates to help calm redness and help improve the skin’s texture.

Our retinol contains dicarboxylic salts which work to help acne by helping to kill the bacteria that infect pores and by helping to decrease production of keratin, a natural substance that can lead to the development of acne.

Introducing retinols into your skincare routine slowly is important to prevent irritation and sensitivity.

NOTE: When using glycolic acid and other AHAs, always wear sunscreen and appropriate sun protectionChemical exfoliants can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

What AMPERNA® Products Help Clear Perioral Dermatitis

Soothing Duo

Perioral Dermatitis Results
Perioral Dermatitis Results

Our deeply restorative AMPERNA® Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum helps calm redness while also soothing and cooling irritated skin. The zinc gluconates and copper help to limit bacterial proliferation and replenish the skin barrier. The Probiotic+ DS Soothing Serum contains a unique probiotic complex that helps promote the appearance of fresh skin.

If you have problem skin, it is very important to be gentle with it and ensure you use a gentle moisturiser. Our award winning Lightweight Soothing+ Emulsion helps nourish the skin and protect it from free radical damage. This lightweight cationic moisturiser contains a probiotic, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and emollients to help nourish the skin and protect it from free radical damage.

The AMPERNA® range has been formulated to include hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants to help hydrate your perioral dermatitis prone skin. The range also has other effective yet gentle ingredients like liquorice root extract and copper & zinc.

Hyaluronic acid helps to replenish the moisture that is crucial to younger-looking, supple skin. It is a humectant; it draws moisture into the skin and keeps it there. Hyaluronic acid energises the skin, so that it feels softer, looks smoother and is luminously hydrated.


Kiri Yanchenko, founder of AMPERNA® Skincare just recently presented a segment on Ticker TV regarding Short & Long term Effects on Mask Wearing.

If your skin is suffering ongoing Maskne breakouts, Kiri is here to help. She offers skin coaching calls you can find on the website.

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Kiri Yanchenko is the founder and CEO of AMPERNA®. Having had severe pustular acne and perioral dermatitis herself, she has a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. She has over 10 years of experience in skincare and holistic skin coaching and is passionate about helping everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

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