Our small Skincare business is making BIG steps forward

Our small Skincare business is making BIG steps forward

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Looking back & planning for the future. Where do I even start?

First things first, I'd like to say a huge THANKYOU to everyone.

Thank you so much for all of your support, your messages, comments, feedback and reviews on AMPERNA® products. I personally read every single one of them and I am so proud and so grateful to have such an incredible community of people who trust me and my brand to help you with your skin concerns.

As another year draws to a close I am reflecting back on how far we’ve come since launching AMPERNA® in 2018.

Four and a bit years ago we were the first topical probiotic skincare line available on the Australian market and started running our business out of our small apartment in Mascot, Sydney.

It wasn’t long before we needed more space and we moved ourselves and AMPERNA® to a bigger home in the inner west.

Wesley still worked in IT and also with me part-time but we both knew AMPERNA® would need him full-time in the not so distant future. We also employed a social media manager and an office assistant to help pack orders (as Wesley and I were the only ones packing your orders).

 AMPERNA® Small Business Revolution

The skincare shift since the pandemic

During the 2019 pandemic and the two lock-downs there were many unnerving hurdles and hardships businesses unfortunately faced. One silver lining though was that people started realising just how important their health is and how we can sometimes take it for granted.

There’s been a huge shift into the wellness space & people looking internally to improve their overall well-being. More people have started to realise that there’s a real connection between your gut health and the overall health of your skin. If you have an inflammation happening internally that will ultimately show up on the surface of your skin.

AMPERNA® Small Business Revolution

I had hundreds of people reach out to me during the pandemic with mask-related breakouts and/acne as well as an increase in dermatitis and/ perioral dermatitis from the alcohol used in hand sanitizer.

By default of the pandemic there was more awareness brought to light about your skin's microbiome and protecting your skin's barrier

With staying in-doors more during this time people started to simplify their regimes and have more of a holistic approach to skincare. The surge for gentle yet effective skincare is the current landscape I'm seeing and hearing about on the market.

More and more brands have jumped on the “probiotic” and “biome friendly” bandwagon because it is not only what is on trend but what skincare is truly all about - Products that sooth and calm whilst protecting the skins barrier and provide a balance of good bacteria to your skin.

 AMPERNA® Small Business Revolution

New Products

This year we introduced three new products to the AMPERNA Skincare line:


And I’ve got exciting plans for new products as requested by you in the coming future!

We’ve also achieved more brand recognition, being stocked in more chemists and skin specialist locations with more on the horizon in the new year.

However our biggest milestone and challenge of 2022 was securing and moving into our new AMPERNA® Sydney warehouse. 

We still pinch ourselves we have gotten the business to this point!

This has meant the business came out of our home, we are set up for more growth and Wesley and I are able to have a bit more of a work life balance.



We had another two staff members join the team - welcome to Rei our fulfilment assistant & Eleni our new Social Media Manager. Thanks to having more staff, we were able to really focus on bringing you more informative content on socials. Plus we also increased our TikTok presence.

Let’s chat TikTok briefly for a minute. This platform is very new to us and is a great way we can showcase our brand in a different light. We can have a lot of fun on there as well as provide informative content about skincare, skin trends, TikTok skin fads etc for our followers.


@ampernaskin #stitch with @Elyse Myers we love you Elyse! We had to jump in on the one! We understand how frustrated your skin can make you feel and we are all guilty of hopping on the next viral trend in hopes it is the answer 🤞 but it could make it worse. Please speak to a professional if you are struggling with any skin concerns. Kiri is available to DM if you have any questions about your skin 📥 #skin #skincare #skincaretips #headsandshoulders ♬ original sound - Classic Sitcoms


It also provides us a space to discuss people’s questions and comments, both positive and negative. One I’d like to address further is education versus fearmongering:


@ampernaskin #stitch with @Erza Nicaj have you seen this viral video about the laniege lip mask 😱 Kiri talks! #laniegelipsleepingmask #laniege #laniegelipmask #viral ♬ original sound - Amperna® Skincare


I am a proud advocate of providing education and alternative options for peoples skin concerns as well as awareness around potential side effects from medication typically prescribed to help.

You can read more about my own personal skin journey & why I created AMPERNA®

Essentially I am the voice I wish I had back when I was suffering from both skin and mental health issues. My soul purpose for AMPERNA® is to provide education and awareness so that you can make the right and informed decision for yourselves.

Remember, everyone is different. Every skin concern is unique to each individual. I believe AMPERNA® is leading the charge towards change that prescribed medication isn’t the only answer to helping your skin problems.

I am also here for one on one holistic skin coaching or DM me with your questions any time.


@ampernaskin Replying to @JRuggs Thank you for your question, my aim is to help & educate people around medications that can negatively impact quality of life and assist those who have already been affected. #question #skinhelp #dupixent #steroid #tsw #skintok ♬ Escapism. Sped up (Official) - RAYE & 070 Shake


Bring on 2023! We have so many things planned - from collaborations, to LIVEs and of course NEW PRODUCTS!

The AMPERNA® Team wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Look after yourself!

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Written By Kiri Yanchenko

Kiri Yanchenko is the founder and CEO of AMPERNA®. Having had severe pustular acne and perioral dermatitis herself, she has a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. She has over 10 years of experience in skincare and holistic skin coaching and is passionate about helping everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

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