Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Causes and Treatments

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Many of us suffer from dark circles under our eyes and wonder what can be done to help alleviate their appearance.

The first thing to know is they are very common in both men and women of all ages. Secondly, whilst there are no miracle fixes, there are ways to help them by adopting a few holistic principals.


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What Causes Dark Circles?

Your delicate eye area can be prone to premature ageing and dark circles, so it’s important to know what the major factors are that can contribute to both dark circles and bags:

Thinner Skin

The skin around your eyes is more delicate and significantly thinner than other parts of your face and body. The tissue below the eyes is missing a lot of supporting elements such as fat and muscle. This means there are greater chances of the skin showing signs of stress.

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If you have a family history of dark circles, there is a chance that your genetic makeup may mean you are more prone to this condition.

Genetics can contribute to dark circles due to your collagen levels and melanin production. Collagen is the protein that helps to keep our skin elastic and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Melanin refers to dark brown or black pigments in the skin. This is often referred to as "genetic hyperpigmentation"

Not getting enough good quality sleep

Most of us need around 7-8 hours of sleep each night to feel good and look our best. Whilst you sleep, blood flow increases, and your skin rebuilds its collagen and repairs cell damage such as the harm caused by UV exposure. Sleep deprivation can cause several issues including skin dullness, a pale appearance and is one of the biggest contributors to dark circles around the eyes. The major reason is when you are tired, the blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible, giving the appearance of dark circles.

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Many of us suffer from allergies, with common allergens being pollen and dust mites.  When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines, which can cause sensitivity such as rashes, itchiness and redness in the eyes. Continual eye rubbing can irritate your delicate eye area and increase the appearance of dark circles.

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Other contributors

  • Dehydration
  • Over exposure to the sun’s UV ray
  • Lifestyle choices such as a poor diet or being a regular smoker or heavy drinker
  • Stress
  • Environmental factors such as pollution
  • Getting older - the older we get, the more the tissue around the eyes thins, which can make them  look puffy and swollen.

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Holistic Help to Look After Your Delicate Eye Area

Use a cold compress

Wrap ice cubes or a cold pack in a clean facecloth and apply it over your eyes. Alternatively soak your facecloth in cold water and apply under your eyes for 10-20 minutes. This method can help reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels.

Get good quality sleep

Do your best to follow a regular time for rest and awake time. By following this on most days, you can train your body and your brain into a pattern. Aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours each night. If you are really struggling to get to bed at a particular time, create a relaxation routine that you can follow every day prior to going to bed. This might include having a shower, reading a book or pampering your skin.

Make sure you turn your computer and phone onto airplane mode at least an hour before bed. Screens promote wakefulness, so don’t get into the habit of using these devices in bed or within an hour from your sleep time.

In bed, elevate your head with a few pillows to help prevent fluid from pooling under your eyes which can make them appear puffy and swollen.

Apply cold tea bags to your eyes

Grab a couple of black or green tea bags and steep them in hot water for five minutes. Let them chill until cold, then close your eyes and apply them. Tea contains the ingredients caffeine and antioxidants that can help to stimulate blood circulation and reduce liquid retention beneath your skin.

When you’re finished, rinse your face with cool water.

Use nourishing skincare products

AMPERNA® products can be used all over your face including the delicate eye area.

A suggested approach is to gently cleanse and then pat on a nourishing serum: AMPERNA® Pro+ Vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum contains high levels of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to help restore smoothness & suppleness to your skin.

After applying the serum, smooth a layer or two of moisturizer over your skin: AMPERNA® Lightweight Soothing+ Emulsion is cationic so it will absorb deeply into your skin rather than leaving an oily or shiny film.

Cover up

Don’t be afraid to cover your dark circles with a good quality concealer or brightening foundation. This can be helpful in parallel to committing to new healthy skincare habits.

Consult with a skin coach

In addition to your skincare routine, it can be beneficial to understand what factors you can address to help support optimal skin health. This might be drinking more water, cutting back on late nights or learning how to better manage your stress levels.

If you want help with issues such as dark circles, Kiri, founder of AMPERNA® is here to help. Her Holistic Skin Coaching Service launched in 2019 allows you to discuss your skin concerns and develop a tailored plan to work towards healthy glowing skin.








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