Best Sunscreens with No White Cast

Best Sunscreens with No White Cast

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We all know how important it is to apply sunscreen every day to help prevent sun damage and disease, but it can be tricky to find one that is suitable for your unique skin type and skin tone. Some sunscreens leave a white cast, whilst others feel greasy, sticky and may even contribute to triggering breakouts, so it is important to find one that works for your skin and doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost.


AMPERNA® Best Sunscreens

Help with Choosing Your Sunscreen

For people with sensitive skin, or who have tanned or darker skin and find sunscreens often leave a white film/cast, here are some tips on how to select your next product:

Try a physical sunscreen

You may be not aware there are two different types of sunscreens - Physical and Chemical.

Physical sunscreens are often referred to as natural or mineral sunscreens. They are not absorbed by the skin, instead they sit on the surface and work by blocking or deflecting ultraviolet rays. They are broad-spectrum meaning they protect against UVA and UVB rays and are effective thanks to mineral filters, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


AMPERNA® Best Sunscreens

What about the white film that can be associated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide?

In the past, zinc oxide and titanium oxide have been associated with leaving a white film, or even turning your skin a purple-shade. Innovation has turned this barrier on its head with the ability to grind up these agents into smaller particles. This has meant we can still get the protection that we want but without the downsides.

There are plenty of additional reasons to choose this style of sunscreen:

  • Physical sunscreens are generally recommended for people with sensitive skin and for children. This is due to their mineral base and their lack of chemical ingredients that can sometime irritate the skin.
  • Most “Reef safe” sunscreens fall into this category. If you see “reef safe” on the label it means they do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate which are chemicals that have been shown to cause coral bleaching.

AMPERNA® Best Sunscreens

Select a sunscreen with colour correcting properties

AMPERNA® PRO+ BIO SOOTHING DAY MINERAL CC [SPF15] has been designed for people with even the most sensitive skin. This unique product is a self-regulating colour corrective formula – a physical SPF moisturising lotion. AMPERNA® launched this product last year and it is getting 5-star reviews.

Reasons to get excited about this product:

  • It is lightweight and non-greasy
  • It is an adaptive formula and is suitable for all skin tones (won’t leave a white cast)
  • It includes AMPERNA®’s hero probiotic and a bio fermented oligopeptide
  • It is reef safe and perfect to wear everyday by itself or under your makeup
  • AMPERNA® is also working on a SPF 50+ product that will suit all skin tones and will also be looking at a chemical addition to the range suitable for people with even the most sensitive skin.


AMPERNA® Best Sunscreens

Remember the golden rules of sun protection

Don’t forget that eyewear, a hat and clothing are also recommended to help guard against the sun’s harmful rays:


There are loads of sunglasses on the market. Whilst some look great as a fashion accessory, they may not be doing anything to protect your eyes. Make sure you choose sun protective sunglasses and seek out shade on high UV-factor days


Wearing the right type of hat can give you good UV protection. Considerations when choosing a hat:

  • Ensure it provides shade to your head, ears, face and neck.
  • Hat Styles: Broad-brimmed, Legionnaire's and bucket hats with a wide brim provide good protection. Baseball caps do not protect the neck and ears and visors only protect your face.

Sun-protective clothing

The right clothing can offer very good sun protection. You need to consider:

  • Colour: the golden rule is darker colours such as red, navy and black absorb more UV rays
  • Construction: Heavy and tightly woven fabrics such as wool and denim are best.
  • UV protection factor: A selection of clothing is specifically designed for sun protection and comes with a rating. The higher the rating, the better the protection


If you want to get notified when AMPERNA® PRO+ BIO SOOTHING DAY MINERAL CC WITH 50+ SPF launches, then sign up here.



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