Want to Add a Little Luxury to Your Everyday?

What you wear and what you put on your skin are two decisions where quality & integrity should not be compromised. 

When it comes to skin care, much of what we use is absorbed into our bodies so high quality ingredients really matter. When choosing fashion, it is important to select products with first-rate workmanship made from sustainable materials.

Two brands that embody these values are X NIHILO and AMPERNA®. Their founders, Kiri Yanchenko and Jenny Hsieh are women dedicated to building ethical brands and are committed to sourcing only the very best ingredients and materials. Both women strive to give their customers luxury products at a sensible price.

This month, the two brands come together to give you the luxury you deserve. For one special week in August, you have the chance to win goodies from X NIHILO and AMPERNA®.


A Background to the Brands

AMPERNA® is an Australian owned, ethical skincare brand, devoted to creating revolutionary and unique formulas to help rebalance and transform the appearance of skin. It is the first Active Probiotic Skincare range in Australia formulated to help people achieve their best skin. Pioneered by founder Kiri Yanchenko, the inception of this range was born from her struggle with common skin conditions and no product available to help her sensitive skin. 

She pioneered for 5 years to develop the AMPERNA® range, working in conjunction with one of Australia’s most experienced skincare chemists and testing with people suffering relevant skin conditions. Using a combination of natural active ingredients, along with tried and tested ingredients of modern science, she developed formulas that help promote an optimal healthy holistic skin balance.  AMPERNA® is the bridge between between 100% natural skin care and prescription medication.

X NIHILO, established in 2016 is the brainchild of Jenny Hsieh, an entrepreneur with a passion for refined luxury. She made her fashion debut by winning the QDOS award presented by the Design Institute of Australia while she was studying a Bachelor of Fashion at QUT University. Jenny then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Fashion from RMIT University. 

X NIHILO - short for ex nihilo - is a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. The notion identifies X NIHILO’S aesthetics and vision to craft a sophisticated and honest range of leather bags for modern women.

Women of individuality and substance inspire the brand; therefore, the bags are designed with reserved aesthetics, function & timelessness in mind.


The Catalyst to Working Together

Kiri recently sat down with Jenny to learn more about her brand. She discovered that they share a like-minded approach to business and their brands have a number of synergies including their positioning and consumer.

This meeting became the catalyst for them working together to give women a unique luxury offer.


Q: How did the idea for X NIHILO come about? Why are you in business?

A:  I’ve always wanted to start my own business growing up watching my parents putting their heart and soul into their own business.  But more so, to create an outlet for my creativity that feeds my passion for creating meaningful things whether is it a brand, product or culture. It really is a dream come true!

Q: What was the most challenging part of starting your brand? Run us through a few problems you had that turned into successes.

A: The most challenging part I would say is communicating the brand message through to our customers or viewers. We believe the “X” women are ones that have a mind of their own and know exactly what she wants but it is a long process for the brand message to be received and processed. At early stage of the business, an overseas customer received her bag and contacted us as she could not find the logo and are wondering if the bag she received is a counterfeit of X NIHILO product. We helped her locate the logo on the bag she purchased and she questioned “why is the logo so small?” We explained “because we want you to wear your name, not ours.” And this particular customer suddenly hit an epiphany and had a glance of what X NIHILO is about beyond the beautiful products. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to convey our brand message “independent, embrace and self-worth”.

Q: From your 3 years in business what have you learnt about what women really want/need from a bag?

A: As a designer, it is my job to create something you don’t even know you need. I’m a minimalist and like to be practical and this reflects in the designs we produce; simple, functional and practical. There shouldn’t be anything on the bag that is there without a function. And I think this is want we all need, exclude and cut out all the noise we don’t need in life - Marie Kondo way; does X NIHILO sparks joy.


Q: Describe yourself in 3 words.

A: Simple, functional, practical

Q: What’s your favourite part about what you do?

A: Meeting amazing people around the world that continue to inspire me and vice versa. When I get people writing to me complimenting on the product as a customer or tell me simply as a follower how much X NIHILO is inspiring them. I have also picked up a few girls who I’m constantly mentoring as well.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Waking up to an extremely clean working space and to be able to work towards my goals everyday with my lovely girls.

Q: What is your favourite thing to do in your downtime?

A: Gym and meal prep! I’m not a good cook but I do find preparing meals very therapeutic.

Q: Describe your skincare regime

A: My current skin care has completely taken over by AMPERNA® products! After removing my make up, I use the BALANCE cleanser, Vita C on the eyes, HYDRATE over entire face and neck and complete with the RESCUE serum all over. I also uses the EXFOLIATE once a week just to get rid of any dead skin and residues.

Q: Which is your favourite AMPERNA® product and why? Which one would you recommend to your friends?

A: I absolutely love the eye serum. I like the light consistency and texture and makes applying makeup after very easy but still keeps skin around my eyes hydrated throughout the entire day.

Q: You mentioned your partner uses AMPERNA® - what are his concerns and why does he love AMPERNA®

A: He likes the cleanser for its after feel that is very hydrating but still cleanses well. It seems to have helped reduced his pore sizes and overall balance of hydration and oil on his face.

Q: Where can we find you…links to website & social media

A: We are most popular on Instagram. We’ve created a space not just to showcase our beautiful bags but also a place for inspirations and motivations. Also check out our YouTube channel for reviews and get a vibe and feel of the X NIHILO world. You can shop on our official website 24/7 because you are too pretty to be looking for parking.


Website: https://xnihilo.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xnihilo_official/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xnihilo.official/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIvt77akjet5zLAZf3VtYmA


Your Chance to Win Little Luxuries

X NIHILO and AMPERNA® want to give your skin and wardrobe a boost. Together they are giving you the chance to win over $550 worth of luxury goods, so you can look and feel your best. 

From Monday 19th - Sunday 25th August 2019 you can win the AMPERNA® Full Range valued at AU$240.00 and X NIHILO Debby Taupe clutch valued at AU$315.00.

Check out the details of how to enter here


Written By Kiri Yanchenko

Kiri Yanchenko is the founder and CEO of AMPERNA®. Having had severe pustular acne and perioral dermatitis herself, she has a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. She has over 10 years of experience in skincare and holistic skin coaching and is passionate about helping everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.